Rafael LINAN (Spain)Composer, performer and researcher

    Rafael Linán ,Composer, performer and researcher, Rafael Liñán (Madrid, 1960) began musical education at the Conservatory of Madrid, followed by graduate studies with Brian Ferneyhough and Roger Reynolds, among others, at the University of California, San Diego, where he was awarded a Philosophy Doctor degree in 1996. His main interests are the ethical and social aspects of creativity, performance and art education. He has held different positions at the Public Radio of Spain (RNE), the University of Granada, the Spanish National Orchestra and Choir (OCNE), the International University of Andalusia, and the Open University (UNED). Between 2004-2010, he taught computer music at the Royal Conservatory of Granada. Most frequently, Liñán’s activities aim at the creation of playful, spontaneous interactions among performers and the public, to raise awareness, and to celebrate and share the diverse backgrounds and contributions of every person in every environment, context and circumstance.