QI Mengjie (Maggie)Composer

    Qi Mengjie (Maggie) is a composer and multimedia sound artist. Her electronic music and installation works have been performed widely at international festivals, including ICMC, Audio Arts Festival, WOCMAT in Taiwan, CIME concerts, International Electronic Music Festival of New York, SEAMUS, ISCM, NYCEMF, SPLICE Festival, Cube Fest, SICPP and MUSICACOUSTICA-BEIJING.

    Her works have won awards on noted competitions, such as prizes on MUSICACOUSTICA electronic music composition contest (2011, 2012, 2014), and the Competition of Oskar Kolberg (2014). She is the Composer in Residence of Love for Music Ensemble in Beijing.

    Qi is a doctoral candidate at the Central Conservatory of Music under the guidance of Professor ZHANG Xiaofu and currently she is studying at the CUNY in the US. under the supervision of Professor Douglas Geers and Professor Morton Subotnick. She is also one of the associate editors of Intelligent Arts.