Ostap MANULYAK (Ukraine)composer, author of sound- and audiovisual performances

    Ostap Manulyak – composer, author of sound- and audiovisual performances. 1983 Born in Lviv. Studied at the composer’s department of the Lviv National Music Academy. Twice he was a fellow of the “Gaude Polonia” scholarship of Ministry of Culture and National Treasure of Polish Republic. Since 2007 – member of the National Union of Composers of Ukraine. At 2009 received award of LODA and National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. At 2010 recieved the Levko Revutsky’s award for compositions “Music for Second Chapter of Gospel of Luke” and “Oremus fratres”. Mainly works in the field of chamber and electroacoustic music. Main field of interests: problematics of interaction between visual plane, action/performance and sound. Teach composition and electroacoustic music at the Lviv National Music Academy n.a. Lysenko is also a co-founder of the Art Association “NURT”, the leader of the VOX ELECTRONICA Festival of Electroacoustic Music and the ConstantY Ensemble of Contemporary Music.