LI Qiuxiao (China)Composer

    Li Qiuxiao is currently a lecturer at the ZheJiang Conservatory of Music. She received a DMA in Central Conservatory of Music. In 2014 she came to United State to study composition as a visiting scholar at University of Missouri of Kansas City.
    Her works have been presented multiple times in various major music festivals, such as the Central Conservatory of Music Festival, Beijing Modern Music Festival, MUSICACOUSTICA-BEIJING, Root Signals Electronic Music Festival, New Horizons Music Festival,Musica Elecreonica NOVA,Seoul International Computer Music Festival and Audio Art Festival. Her work “Bristle with Anger” was performed in Rutgers, Sate University of New Brunswick in 2009. “The Dancing Shadow” was commissioned by ELECTROACOUSTIC-BEIJING in 2013. Li Qiuxiao creates “Wu song fights the tiger” for Dr. Jun Qian’s “East Meets West” recording project and signed to Babel Score—Contemporary music online in 2014. She has got Residency Reward of Kimmel Harding Nelson Center for The Arts in 2015.