Igor KEFALIDIS (Russia)Composer and pianist

    Igor Kefalidis (Moscow, 1941) is a member of CEAMMC (Moscow) and OUSONMUPO (Paris). Graduated from the Moscow P.I.Tchaikovsky Conservatory as a pianist under S. Feinberg and Y. Zak (1966) and as a composer under R. Shchedrin (1971). An author of about 90 works in different genres, including symphony, concertos for cello and orchestra, cembalo and orchestra, piano and orchestra (4), music for theatre and cinema.
    As a pianist he performed works of classical and contemporary repertoire, including his own music, in many cities and countries.
    Since 1990 the composer’s main interest was concentrated on electroacoustic composition where new approaches to compositional technique was especially underlined.
    He has rich experience of work in electronic studios in France, Belgium, Germany, USA, where some his creative projects were embodied: Vogelperspektive, Feu le fol, eh!, Grisions, Foxt 4×4, roto – eight – zero, Zu seiner wahren Gestalt, Apophonie etc.
    Kefalidis’s works were performed by some distinctive musicians in Europe and America.