Giulia SARNO (Italy)Composer

    Based in Florence, Italy, Giulia Sarno is a music scholar, a member of the center for music research Tempo Reale and a singer-songwriter. She took an MA in Ethnomusicology at University of Florence defending a dissertation on the musical practices of the comici dellArte, which was awarded the 2017 Maria Rosa CalendoliPrize. She has published papers on music analysis, historic and aesthetic discussion of popular music, the history of actors in Renaissance theatre and music iconography. She is a member of the editorial staff of the online periodical Drammaturgia (Firenze University Press), of the web portal and is an editorial assistant at Per archi. Rivista di storia e cultura degli strumenti ad arco (LIM). She has been part of Tempo Reale for the past three years, coordinating many different productions and projects of the center.