Elías PUC (Mexico)Composer

    Student of Javier Álvarez, Elias Puc was a fellow of the Program “Promotion of Ibero-American Music” (IBERMÚSICAS). He was also a fellow of the “National Fund for Culture and the Arts” (FONCA) and was awarded the “Investment Projects in the Production of National Painting” promoted by the “National Council for Culture and the Arts” (CONACULTA). In 2011, his piece Sonor Kapsule recivied the honorable mention in the 2nd Latin American Contest of Electroacoustic Composition “Gustavo Becerra Schmidt”, wich was organized by “The Electroacoustic Community of Chile” (CECh), in the Santiago, Chile.
    Puc’s work includes acoustic, mixed, electroacoustic and sound installations. Elias has been presented in China, Panama, Belize, Chile, Mexico, Colombia, the United States, Ecuador, Brazil, Cuba, Uruguay, Spain, among others. Currently, he is part of the MaKinaDT collective and serves as Coordinator of the Musical Arts of the “Higher School of Arts of Yucatan” (ESAY).