• DACH (China)

    Computer Music Producer, Communication University of China
    Electric/Pop music producer

  • Diliarge Adeline (China)

    In 2014, Diliarge Adeline was admitted to the Department of dance and choreography at Beijing Dance Academy in the first place in professional and cultural studies.

  • Talin Tuya (China)

    The first Chinese musician play the Jew’s harp on the stage, the Jew’s harp player, Mongolian songwriter and singer. Besides, she is also the first Chinese female singer

  • Yider (China)
    Yider (China)

    Electronic music singer, Matouqin player, hoomai artist. Graduated from Minzu University of China, and also a member of Huqin professional committee of China national orchestral society.

  • Elizabeth Anderson (USA/Belgium)

    Elizabeth Anderson’s artistic production comprises acousmatic, mixed, and radiophonic works as well as works for multimedia and sound installations.

  • Pedro Bittencourt (Brazil)

    Pedro Bittencourt (Rio de Janeiro, 1975) is a full time Professor (Saxophone and Postgraduate) at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ), Brazil. Director of the UFRJ’s Sax ensemble.

  • Chen Huanhuan (China)

    Chen Huanhuan has graduated with a Master degree of Accordion from the Central Conservatory of Music, and instructed by Professor Cao Xiaoqing.

  • Chen Si (China)

    Chen Si, School of Digital Media and Design Arts, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications. Graduated from the National Academy of Chinese Theatre Arts composition and composition technology theory

  • Shin Yeob Chung (South Korea)

    Shinmasta is a dancer with fire Poi which is New Zealand Maori’s traditional performing art. In 2010, he got popularity in Jisan Valley Rock festival and at World DJ festival.

  • David Coll (USA)

    David Coll is a composer of concert music, installation art, and interdisciplinary projects that engage physical presence with technology to create works of dramatic, introspective, and often playful effect.

  • Shiau-uen Ding (USA) Pianist

    A native of Taiwan, pianist Shiau-uen Ding received her doctoral degree from University of Cincinnati. She has performed in France, Germany, Belgium, Hong Kong, India

  • Dong Liqiang (China) Composer

    Professor and Doctoral Advisor of the Composition Department at the Central Conservatory of Music
    Dong Liqiang was born in 1963 in Qingdao, Shandong Province. In 1990 Dong Liqiang graduated early with honors from the Composition Department of the CCOM

  • Ingrid Drese (Belgium)

    Ingrid Drese first studied piano, chamber music, music history, and music analysis, before signing up for the electroacoustic composition program at the Royal Conservatory of Music (RCM) in Brussels

  • Du Yuxing(China)

    Du Yuxing graduated from Communication University of China in 2013,majored in electronic music production. She is now continuing her study in musicology (music creation and performance research direction)

  • Duan Ruilei (China) Composer

    DUAN Ruilei is a lecturer of computer music composition and technology at the Music Engineering Department of Zhejiang Conservatory .

  • Jinshuo Feng (China)

    Jinshuo Feng is a composer and a Ph.D. in China. His current research and composition interests include interactive music, sound synthesis and design of data-driven instruments.

  • Annette Vande Gorne (Belgium)

    Classical music studies (Piano, Musical and literature history, harmony, practical harmony, Chor direction, counterpoint, fuga, instrumental composition etc.) at the Royal Conservatories of Mons and Brussels and with Jean Absil (1964-74).

  • Guo Dawei (China) Drummer

    Graduated from Beijing Contemporary Music Academy,the drummer of Perpetual Motion Machine Band, the percussionist of YingShuiDiJiang Band.

  • Guan Liqiong (China)

    Guan Liqiong, a composer in Central Conservatory of Music, majoring in electronic music composition, Ph. D., member of China Electronic Music Association, lecturer of Music Department of Xinjiang Arts Institute.

  • Han Qingqing (China)

    Communication University of China 15 vocal music performance major
    In 2017, sing “youth strongest voice individual competition” national top thirty-two

  • Pierre Henry (France)

    Pierre Henry was born in 1927. He was a key figure in the 1950s glory days of electroacoustic music, a term he may have invented.

  • Hou Xingyi(China)

    Hou Xingyi was born in Harbin, Heilongjiang ,on 18 February 1995. Being a committed professional dance student since young, she had been in active participation in many competitions with outstanding rankings

  • Hou Zhipeng (China)

    Hou Zhipeng, from Changde City, Hunan Province, presently studying in the Department of Music Engineering at Zhejiang Conservatory of Music with the guidance of Teacher Duan Ruilei.

  • Christopher Jette (USA)

    Christopher Jette is a curator of lovely sounds, creating work as a composer and new media artist. His creative work explores the artistic possibilities at the intersection of human performers/creators and technological tools.

  • Jin Zhaoxin (China)

    Jin Zhaoxin graduated from Communication University of China 13 professional electronic music production. He is good at film and television music and pop song arranger.

  • Jeff Kaiser (USA)

    Jeff Kaiser is a music technologist, trumpet player, composer, conductor, and scholar. Classically trained as a trumpet player, Kaiser now views his traditional instrument as hybrid with new technology in the form of software and hardware interfaces.

  • Panayiotis Kokoras (Greece)

    Panayiotis Kokoras is an internationally award-winning composer and computer music innovator, and currently an Associate Professor of composition and CEMI (Center for Experimental Music and Intermedia) director at the University of North Texas.

  • Phivos-Angelos Kollias (Greece)

    In the music of Phivos-Angelos Kollias, through an anthropocentric perspective, the listener becomes the central focal point: he is invited to participate actively with his perception.

  • Lan Sea (China)

    Sea,Communication University of China, major in performing, good at hip-hop, guitar and composer, starred in the film works are: “Enemy”, “T word intersection”, “No eyes”.

  • Li Huizi (China)

    Huizi Li was majored in Electronic Organ before earning her Electronic Music Composition master degree in Central Conservatory of Music, Beijing, China. She is a current doctor studying with professor Xiaofu Zhang in Central Conservatory of Music.

  • Li Pengyun (China) Composer

    Li Pengyun,associate professor of Composition Department, Wuhan Conservatory Of Music; postgraduate supervisor; dean of The Research Office of Recording Art. Member of electronic Music Association of China(EMAC)

  • Li Qiuxiao (China)

    Li Qiuxiao is currently a lecturer at the ZheJiang Conservatory of Music. She received a DMA in Central Conservatory of Music. In 2014 she came to United State to study composition as a visiting scholar at University of Missouri of Kansas City.

  • Li Tao (China)

    Li Tao is a composer, percussionist, conductor and pianist from China. She is an honors graduate from the Central Conservatory of Music in Beijing (CHN) and DePaul University in Chicago (IL) with degrees in music composition.

  • Lin Lu (China)

    Lin Lu, the membership in Electronic Music Association of China. Graduated with bachelor’s degree from Communication university of China ,and the major is electronic music production.

  • Liu Peixin (China)

    Liu Peixin is a young composer. She is now pursuing her Master degree in the Department of graduate of the Central Conservatory of Music under the tutelage of Professor Zhang Xiaofu.

  • Liu Yike(China)

    Professional master of GuZheng of CCOM .she has won the finalist of the 9th Chinese golden bell award for music (2013),the first prize of the First Sino-US Music Festival (2015)

  • Liu Zhiliang
    Liu Zhiliang

    School of Intermedia Art

  • Lu lu (China)

    Lulu, from Jiangsu, Nanjing.China national orchestral Association, Tianjin national orchestral Association, the Folk Music Department of the Tianjin Conservatory of Music young teachers.

  • Lu Xiaoxu (China)

    Lu Xiaoxu , the founder of Xiao Xu Music brand, who is a well-known game music and animation music producer.

  • Lu Yuan(China)

    Lu Yuan graduated from Shanghai Conservatory of Music. She studied with Professor Yang Liqing and Professor Yin Mingwu. At present she is a teacher in the College of Music in Jinan University.

  • Ruihan Ma (China)

    Ruihan Ma,studying in Communication University of China of performing arts,signed artists of Emperor Entertainment Company.

  • Ma Shihua (China)

    Ma Shihua, Born on January 4, 1989. He was admitted as a postgraduates to study electronic music composer in Central Conservatory of music,and researched new media art and installation art direction.

  • Km7 (China)

    Algorithm Engineer
    Sound Designer
    Installation Artist

  • Philippe Manoury (France) Composer

    Philippe Manoury is regarded as one of the most important French composers as well as a researcher and forerunner in the field of live electronics.

  • Takeyoshi Mori (Japan)

    Takeyoshi Mori is a composer, programmer, and educator whose works have been performed at Musica Viva 2007 in Portugal, ICMC 2008 in Belfast, DengakuIII in Tokyo, NYCEMF 2009, 101Tokyo in Iceland, ICMC 2012 in Ljubljana.

  • Loup Mormont (Belgium)

    Loup Mormont has studied electroacoustic composition at the Conservatoire Royal de Mons under the direction of Annette Vande Gorne. Since then, his music has been heard in several festivals in Belgium and all across Europe.

  • Sangbong Nam (South Korea)

    Sangbong Nam is a Korean-born composer and a researcher. He is now a postdoctoral fellow at the Center for Arts and Technologies at Seoul National University (CATSNU) and a Composer-in-Residence with the Prime Philharmonic Orchestra in Korea.

  • Jon Nelson (USA) Composer

    Jon Christopher Nelson (b. 1960) is currently a Professor at the University of North Texas where he serves as an associate of CEMI (Center for Experimental Music and Intermedia) and also the Associate Dean of Operations.

  • Kevin Patton (USA)

    Kevin Patton is a musician, scholar, and technologist active in the fields of experimental music and multimedia theatre whose work explores the intersection of technology and performance through the prism of the American experimental and improvisatory music traditions.

  • Miller Puckette (USA)

    Miller Puckette is known as the creator of the Max and Pure Data real-time computer music software environments, which are taught and used by electronic musicians and artists worldwide.

  • Maggie Qi

    Mengjie (Maggie) Qi is a composer and sound artist. Her works have been performed widely at international festivals, including ICMC (Amsterdam, Shanghai), Audio Arts Festival (Krakow), WOCMAT in Taiwan, CIME General Assembly concerts (North Texas, Moscow)

  • Neil Rolnick (USA) Composer

    Composer Neil Rolnick pioneered the use of computers in musical performance, beginning in the late 1970s. Based in New York City since 2002, his music has been performed world wide, including recent performances in China and Mexico and across the US.

  • Shen Chen (China) composer

    master graduated Sichuan Conservatory Of Music recording arts and computer music major, Professor by Hu Xiao, and 2014 started to teach.

  • Shen Lin (China) Associate Professor, Master Supervisor, and Chair of Music Technology Department

    Shen Lin is Associate Professor, Master Supervisor, and Chair of Music Technology Department of Music College in Shanghai Normal University.

  • Jeffrey Stolet (USA) composer,performer

    Jeffrey Stolet is a professor of music and director of the Intermedia Music Technology at the University of Oregon.

  • Sun Hua (China) electronic musician and audio engineer

    Chinese electronic musician and audio engineer in China National Opera and Dance Drama Theater.

  • Tang Chengying (China) composer

    Tang Chengying, learning piano and cello since young,admitted to China Communication University in 2013, majored in electronic music production.Signed with NetEase as a game music producer in 2017.

  • João Svidzinski (Brazil) 电子音乐演奏家

    João Svidzinski (b. 1987 Maringá, Brazil) é compositor e intérprete de música eletrocustica.

  • Tang Ningna (China) composer

    Workers daily newspaper new media editor, major in electronic music production ,Communication University of China ,good at new age, popular works creation, graduate students during the main multimedia research and creation.

  • Horacio Vaggione (Argentina) composer

    Horacio Vaggione was born in Argentina in 1943. He lives in Paris since 1978. He studied piano and composition at the National University of Cordoba, Argentina, and then musicology and aesthetics at the University of Paris VIII, where he received a Doctorate.

  • Wang Chi (China) Interactive electronic music performance and electronic music composition

    Wang Chi is a composer and performer. Chi enjoys making music and intermedia art that involve Computer Human Interaction. Her current research and composition interests include data driven instruments and sound design.

  • Wang Gang (China) composer

    Wang Gang Graduated from the Department of music of Wuhan Conservatory of composition, majored in computer composition and master degree.

  • Wang Hefei (China) composer

    Composer, she is the first doctor of theory of electronic music technology in China.

  • Chuancy Wang (China) drummer

    Chuancy Wang is a young Chinese drummer. Born in post-90s, he started to play drums at the age of five.

  • Wang Yige (China) popular music

    has been playing the piano since she was four, and has also dedicated much of her time to practicing pop music.

  • Wu Zhen (China) composer

    Wu Zhen is a member of the Electronic Music Association of Chinese Musician Association, studied in the Department of Music Engineering of Zhejiang Conservatory of Music, taught by teacher Jiang Chaoqian who majors in Music Design and Production.

  • Marie-Jeanne Wyckmans (Belgium)

    As professional film foley, her passion for sound and listening led her to discover acousmatic music in 1984, at the first international acousmatic festival “L’Espace du Son” in Brussels.

  • Yang Xiting (China) composer,pianist

    studied in Russia more than ten years, graduated from Russia Ural Moussorgski National Conservatory of Piano and Music Director (electronic and computer music)she is currently the head of the piano teaching and research section of the school of music and dance at Huaqiao University and vice president of the Xiamen electronic music society in Fujian.

  • Yu Dezhi (China) composer

    faculty of Haerbin Normal University Music College. He received his Ph.D. from Central Conservatory of Music with the supervision of Professor Wu Yuebei in 2017.

  • Michael Miller Yu (China) designer

    Michael Miller Yu was born in China, Guangdong Province. He graduated from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University in Industrial Design. Later on he established his own design company Creation House.

  • Zhang Jing A.K.A Terea (China) dancer

    studying in Communication University of China,majoring in Radio and Television Broadcasting and Directing

  • Zhao Lin (China) The famous composer

    an outstanding young composer in China, serves as a guest professor for China Film Music Research Institute in Beijing Film Academy, a member in the Chinese Musicians Association and a committee member in All-China Youth Federation.

  • Zhao Yixuan (China) composer

    Yixuan Zhao, master degree candidate in computer music composition at the Central Conservatory of Music in Beijing, China.

  • Anthony Cheng (Hong kong, China) composer

    Anthony Cheng is a songwriter, film and contemporary music composer, sound engineer and music producer in Hong Kong. His debut on the music scene was as a pianist and composer.

  • Zhong Yunqian (China) lutanist

    Zhong Yunqian, studying at the Central Conservatory of Music, studying Pipa playing Master’s degree. Under the tutelage of famous musician, educator Professor Li Guanghua.

  • Zhong Yuyang (China) cellist

    Yuyang Zhong began to study cello at the age of 5, studied by Liu Ping, a national first class actor.  In 2017, he was awarded the master’s degree at the band School of Central Conservatory of Music with a professional second.

  • Zhu Shijia (China) composer

    Zhu Shijia Associate Professor and PHD of Electro-acoustic Music Composition in Central Conservatory of Music, Jury of Electro-Acoustic Music Competition of MUSICACOUSTICA-BEIJING,a member of a council of E.M.A.C (Electro acoustic Music Association of China).